CIB Labs


The end of the school year is approaching and with it the motivated students of class 10 of the German School of Las Palmas show the first and most interesting results of the M.I.N.T. project (Human Being, Computer Science, Nature, Technology). Thanks to its generous financial support, CIB has paved the way to the realization of five technological projects. The students working in teams, learn how projects are developed in a company, the importance of a budget and how to be proactive and resolute with their own ideas and goals.

  • water desalination plant that works with solar energy
  • the creation of an ultraviolet sensor to prevent sun damage to the skin
  • the development of a stick with auditive and light sensors in order to improve the quality of life for blind persons
  • Experiments on pesticide-free pest control for plants
  • Weathering system to provide a solution for oxidation by salted water

Besides, CIB provides interesting internship opportunities for students willing to develop business and computer skills both at the German headquarters in Munich and at the local headquarters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. CIB believes in investing in young minds. Consequently, with this offer CIB’s goal is to enable the young generation to gather knowledge about the world of business and work, build up contacts with experienced developers and decision makers, and ultimately to achieve a certain level of skills, expertise and flexibility necessary to master all personal and professional challenges of the 21st century.